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31 Dec

Happy New Year 2016

What are your plans for this evening? Wherever you will be and whatever you will do, we wish you a happy and safe holiday! Please enjoy the long weekend and we wish you a 2016 filled with great health, love, happiness and success! 


30 Dec

How to Network with Confidence


Many people start to feel uncomfortable at the mere mention of the word "networking". Those of us who are not extroverts can envision attempts at trying to meet new people to be downright frightening. The reality is that there is no reason to be worried or intimidated and while you may think that you look rather fearful, your inner anxiety is likely not apparent to anyone who sees you or engages you in conversation. Here are a few tips for networking with your highest level of confidence! 

  1. Be prepared. If you already know who you will be meeting or where they work/what type of business they are in, do your research. Arrive well-informed to be able to feel your most at ease. Also be sure to have sufficient business cards on you at all times to start a meeting with confidence and a professional atmosphere.
  2. Use body language to feel more confident. Try to be in subtle in mirroring the body language of the person you are speaking to in order to make them feel more at ease with you which will in turn help you feel more confident.
  3. Network without expectations. Take the pressure off and just remember you are only expanding your network. It may lead somewhere or it may not. It is not a job interview, feel free to relax.