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Uv Coated Business Cards

Make a Great First Impression with UV COATED BUSINESS CARDS

Want to stand out from the crowd?  Then think about using UV COATED BUSINESS CARDS.  If you collected high-quality sports cards as a child, then you know what UV coating is - a super glossy coating on your card that gives it both beauty and durability.

Your business card will be both distinguished and distinguishable with brilliant colors and a strong glossy finish.  Even as the years go by, your UV COATED BUSINESS CARDS will stand the test of time and remain as vibrant as they are today.

What is UV Coating?

How do we do this?  We use UV light to dry the card's coating which means the cards dry right away and there is no chance of ink smearing.  It also ties into our green pledge because it means we don't use any chemicals.  In addition, we use soy inks which require less energy and don't pollute like petroleum inks do.

What kinds of cards can I get?

We offer two kinds - regular and rounded corner business cards. Your UV COATED BUSINESS CARDS will be water-resistant, too.  Want to know what kind of printing and card stock we offer?  You can have a free sample pack of high gloss, matte, and raised ink cards sent to you, or for just $2.99, you can get our deluxe pack, which features several of our card stocks and styles, including the rounded corners.  

Key features:

  • Vibrant colors
  • Glossy finish
  • Sturdy cards
  • Variety of card stock options

How do you ship?

We can get your job processed in just 48 hours, and with our free shipping by UPS, you can have your UV COATED BUSINESS CARDS quickly, ready for any trade association meeting or exhibition. We'll have you ready to make an impression in no time!

Not sure if UV COATED BUSINESS CARDS are right for you? Click Here for pictures and more info.

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