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Spot Uv Postcards

Stylish Advertising with SPOT UV POSTCARDS

When you have an important message to convey, SPOT UV POSTCARDS can make your message stand out.  Postcards printed with Spot UV coating link your message visually and tactilely to your reader.

You've never heard of spot UV coating?

UV coating is actually a technique that utilizes ultraviolet light in the drying process.  After the slick coating, or varnish, is applied to the matte surface, the printed paper is dried on a press using ultraviolet light.

The Spot UV style

By applying the UV coating to only select areas (or spots) of your postcard, an overall matte or glossy surface becomes an intriguing blend of sensory stimuli. The primary printed area is in matte finish but key words or images are coated or "varnished" to emphasize your unique message. The reader is visually drawn by the combined matte/glossy effect and may likely touch the contrasting surfaces as well.   Your message becomes integrated by both sight and touch into your render's memory!

What's so special about UV gloss varnish?

Matte laminate is very light-absorbing; the glossy finish achieved with the UV drying technique is reflective and shiny.  When combined - especially in SPOT UV POSTCARDS designs - the finished product creates an attractive, distinctive, and memorable impression.

Key features:

  • Visual and tactile appeal
  • Distinctive appearance
  • Available in 16 different postcard sizes
  • Design and online ordering support services

PrintsPal makes it easy for you to design, review, and place your UV SPOT POSTCARDS order.  Your order is usually mailed to you within four business days after printing is completed, and PrintsPal provides a UPS tracking number so you can follow the progress of your shipment.

Rely on PrintsPal and SPOT UV POSTCARDS to imprint your important message in the minds of your readers.

Not sure if SPOT UV POSTCARDS are right for you? Click Here for pictures and more info.

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