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Spot Uv Business Cards


Let Your Inner Artist Shine with SPOT UV BUSINESS CARDS

There are several companies out there which offer business cards.  Many promise fast turn-around times or inexpensive prices, but they never talk about quality.  If you want to make a lasting impression and still get your cards quickly, let Prints Pal help you.  Our SPOT UV BUSINESS CARDS are unique and memorable.

What are they?

So what are SPOT UV BUSINESS CARDS?  They combine a classic matte finish and the high gloss of UV coating.  We can target the spot to highlight your company logo or a key feature on the card - you're only limited by your creativity. 

You'll also come across as more detail-oriented, thanks to the variety of textures and the play of light across the SPOT UV BUSINESS CARDS.  You can get this finish on other printed items, to better carry your message across all of your media.

What styles do they come in?

We have four different kinds of SPOT UV BUSINESS CARDS to choose from - basic, rounded corners, silk cards with spot UV, and silk cards with both spot UV and rounded corners.  Want to see what these might look like?  Just ask for a sample - for only $2.99, we'll send you samples of our matte, silk, and silk with spot UV gloss stocks and finishes.  

We use Earth-friendly soy inks, so you won't find that heavy ink smell when you open the box, and the inks are kinder to the planet since the manufacturing process is much simpler with less harmful pollutants than standard petroleum inks create. 

Key features:

  • Matte finish and high gloss coating
  • Available on other printed items, too
  • Soy inks
  • UV coating highlights key features on the cards

How do I get them?

We ship your SPOT UV BUSINESS CARDS quickly - sometimes in as little as 48 hours, and we give you free shipping!  If you want the silk cards, please allow a little extra time.  But, believe us when we say that your cards will make an impression and it will be worth it!

Not sure if SPOT UV BUSINESS CARDS are right for you? Click Here for pictures and more info.

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