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Silk Laminated Slim Cut Business Cards

The Slim Line Look

The sophisticated business person looks for ways to distinguish him or herself.  It may be a signature look, a memorable company name.  Or it could be SLIM CUT BUSINESS CARDS.

When fewer words are enough

The subtly narrower design of SLIM CUT BUSINESS CARDS is ideal for the person who needs few words or images to convey important information. The standard sized business card measures 2" X 3.5". PrintsPal offers two sizes of slim cut cards - 1.5" X 3.5" and 1.75" X 3.5". Either slim size can help set you apart from your competitors.

Slim size, many options

Slim does not mean limited.  PrintsPal offers a unique selection of print finishes for its SLIM CUT BUSINESS CARDS.

  • UV Coated slim cut cards are printed using the eco-friendly ultraviolet light drying process; no chemicals are released into the air during the drying process.  The cards have a clean, crisp, vibrant, glossy appearance.  And your UV Coated cards are durable, too!
  • Silk Laminated slim cut cards have a laminate coating that gives them a silky look and feel PLUS scratch, tear, and water resistance.  They can be customized with Spot UV (key areas are highlighted with glosssy "varnish"), foil stamped, or trimmed for rounded corners.
  • Matte finish slim cut cards offer a traditional, elegant appearance that is also cost-effective for your budget.  Style and quality are not compromised with matte finish slim cut cards.
  • Spot UV slim cut cards are a stylish combination of matte and UV coatings.  The varnish that is applied to specific areas of the cards can highlight your logo, company name, or a signature image.

Whether you choose silk laminate, Spot UV, rounded or pointed corners, PrintsPal's SLIM CUT BUSINESS CARDS are the distinctively sleek business accessory you hand to your clients with confidence.

Not sure if SLIM CUT BUSINESS CARDS are right for you? Click Here for pictures and more info.

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