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Foil Business Cards


You're going to a trade show next month? Congratulations!  And it's your first one and you really want to make a good impression?  You've come to the right place!  We have a wide variety of business card styles to choose from that will make you unforgettable.

What is a Foil Business Card?

One of our most intriguing designs is our FOIL BUSINESS CARDSMany foil cards and flyers use stamping.  We don't. This style uses only four or five colors.  We use full color printing for our cards so you get the best-looking cards possible.  You can have shading or multiple colors on your card - with foil accents to boot!

We use 16-point stock and a technology called inline metallic foil printing, so you can make only a portion or all of your FOIL BUSINESS CARDS metallic. Just like mirrors finished with silver backing, our cards will reflect the light so you stand out. 

What types can I order?

There are four styles of FOIL BUSINESS CARDS to choose from.  We have standard foil cards, foil cards with rounded corners, foil cards with spot UV (a great way to use textures and light!), and foil cards with spot UV and rounded corners.  We recommend a silk-finished card to really make your message catch the eye thanks to the contrast between the matte of the silk and the shine of the metal.

Key features:

  • Full color card
  • Foil accents to the design
  • Heavy card stock

How do I order them?

We make it easy for your company to order cards as your employees need them.  Once the account is set up, send your employees the link and they can fill out their order form for your organization, making it simple to get the cards they want, with your company maintaining brand consistency.

Let Prints Pal be your go-to source for FOIL BUSINESS CARDS, and your other printing needs, too.  We offer speedy turn-around times and free shipping on every order.

Not sure if FOIL BUSINESS CARDS are right for you? Click Here for pictures and more info.

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