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14 May

Using Business Cards Effectively


The vast majority of people seem to forget that business cards have 2 sides. The back side, or reverse side, of your business card can be an invaluable asset when used as a sales and marketing tool. It can also aid in the overall operation of your business as well. Here's how...

 Have you ever thought about using the back of your business card as an appointment card? If not, this could be a great opportunity - You could have your information printed as normal on the front of the card, and on the back, you could have spaces for the date / time / location / etc of the customer's next appointment. Let us not forget the primary objective of a business card is for the customer's to want to keep it. Having information they need, ie; date / time / location of their next appointment, on the back of the card is a great way to encourage this.

 You can also print cards on business card stock for internal use as well. Here's what I mean by that... Have you ever thought about having survey cards or raffle drawing cards printed on business card stock for customer's to fill out? This is a great way to capture important customer data and do so with a professional looking card. Having a business card on good paper stock is much more professional and impressive to a customer then a pre-printed page from the copy machine in your break room. Having your own cards specifically for this purpose will not seem as intimidating to the customer, and conversion from prospect to lead can be much higher.

 Everybody loves referrals, so why not use the back of your card as a referral card? You can set up your card so that there is a space for the customer to put their name on the back of the card, so they can recieve credit for the customer's they refer. As a general rule of thumb, the more incentive you give a customer to pass your card along, the more likely they are to do so.

 Business cards are much more versatile then most people realize. It remains a great way to get your information in front of a large number of people, although with a little "tweaking", you may be able to improve its effectiveness and efficiency. Are you maximizing your business card to its fullest potential?

03 Jan


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