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Welcome to Prints Pal, your leading online print company. Our complete range of print services provides professional, polished projects every time. Find customized or templated design with fast turn-around, vibrant colors and finishes, and all with the friendliest customer service from start to finish. Explore our complete catalog of online print services, including all projects from business cards to postcard printing, from business letterhead to custom envelope printing, from vinyl banners to presentation folder printing. is your trusted online print company, here to help you with all of your printing needs.
11 Apr

Prepping for the Upcoming Holidays

Are you ready for Easter and Mother’s Day? Along with vital promotional materials such as sales signage, don’t forget about custom greeting cards! Greeting cards are a great way to show your clients and most devoted customers how much you appreciate their business. There’s something about custom greeting cards that feel even more special.

Along with customers and clients, why not send greeting cards to suppliers and members of your networking associations such as your local Chamber of Commerce chapter?

We have several types to choose from including silk laminated greeting cards and linen greeting cards

09 Apr

Attractive Marketing


Magnets are visually-appealing and functionally-efficient ways to keep your business’ contact information easily accessible to clients and customers. Ordering well-designed magnets greatly increases the chances of clients holding on to them for longer periods of time to use for items such as refrigerators or desks. If you’re not sure what to do about design, rest assured that also offers custom design services!

Did you know that we even produce car magnets? Car magnets are great for prominently displaying vital company contact information on company cars for efficient marketing all around town.