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19 Sep

Shiny and Bold Business Cards

If you seek shiny and bold business cards, foil business cards are the stylistic choice for you. Foil business cards are high quality business cards featuring components such as words or designs that have shiny and bold material for an eye-catching and attractive look.

It can be used to highlight your company's logo or some other piece of information or design you want to stand out for customers, clients and other contacts.

How would you design your foil business cards?

19 Sep

Employee Meet-and-Greets


Does your company have so many employees that not everyone knows each other or not everyone has met? Be sure to have them introduce themselves to one another to stimulate the company culture as well as to expand the possibilities of collaboration and creativity.

Organizing a meet-and-greet at your firm is an effective way for the members of your company to begin to forge these connections with one another. You can have key executives of the firm speak and even invite a guest speaker as well as the heads of each department. Afterwards, the employees can mingle as an in-house networking mixer and share business cards while enjoying refreshments. Don’t miss out on utilizing your company’s resources and possibilities to their fullest potentials!