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Welcome to Prints Pal, your leading online print company. Our complete range of print services provides professional, polished projects every time. Find customized or templated design with fast turn-around, vibrant colors and finishes, and all with the friendliest customer service from start to finish. Explore our complete catalog of online print services, including all projects from business cards to postcard printing, from business letterhead to custom envelope printing, from vinyl banners to presentation folder printing. is your trusted online print company, here to help you with all of your printing needs.
25 Jul

Business Networking Tips

Do you take full advantage of your business networking opportunities? Is business networking always a relaxed and comfortable experience for you? Here are some tips to maximize your networking encounters!

  • Go to the bar of a networking event as most people will go to the bar for drinks or to socialize next to the bar.
  • Keep conversations light and friendly - stay away from overly formal conversations because they may be offputting. The point is to make contacts to possibly do business with in the future without pressuring potential contacts or attempting to make business deals on the spot.
  • Ask questions. Don\'t get carried away only speaking about yourself and your own firm.
  • Take notes on the back of business cards so you won\'t forget what you discussed with each contact by the end of the event.
  • Be sure to hand out business cards with all of your most updated contact info. Running low? Order silk business cards, plastic business cards, foil business cards or others today!
  • Don\'t just hand out business cards to everyone you meet. Distribute business cards to people you have built a relationship with to the point where it is appropriate to offer your card. In most cases if a rapport is established, they will ask for your card first!

21 Jul

Organizing Contacts


How do you keep your business contacts organized? We like to suggest keeping nice business cards - silk business cards, spot UV business cards, plastic business cards - and others in a nice business card organizer folder. Everything should be organized by first name, last name or company name and by supplier, vendor, client, potential client and so forth for ease of use and to save you time.

Unfortunately not everyone who hands you a business card will have a quality business card. For these contacts, it\'s a great idea to download a business card scanning application to get the information from the card to keep for safekeeping in a database and discarding of the card. 

In fact, even high quality business cards may be scanned just to have an extra backup copy of the info. on record.