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UV Business Cards - Top 3 Benefits

UV Business Cards - Top 3 Benefits

Posted Friday, January13, 2012

When a business card is coated in a UV finish, its bearer is privy to a bevy of benefits that make it a smart option time and time again. So what's so great about UV business cards?

UV Business Cards: they're greener

Thanks to a quick-dry process (we're talking nearly immediate) where no chemicals are released into the air, UV business cards are the eco-friendly alternative to traditional methods. When you'd like to make your environmental footprint smaller, these cards can help.

UV Business Cards: they're glossier

Shiny, spotless, crisp, and clean: these words define the aesthetic afforded by UV coatings. When applied to your business card, UV coatings add a glossy finish to make colors more vibrant and to make your card stand out. For an elevated POP!, consider spot UV business cards, which combine a UV and matte finish to draw even more attention to specific features of your card.

UV Business Cards: they're stronger

You know that glossy finish you get with UV coated business cards? That shiny finish not only adds a gleam to your card, it's also a protector. Your business card gets a body guard with UV coatings, thanks to the super strong finish that stands up to fading, bending, moisture, and all those other pesky ways card stock can turn flimsy with time.