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Professional Letterhead – 4 Steps to Success

Professional Letterhead – 4 Steps to Success

Posted Tuesday, June28, 2011

Your business letterhead is one of your most important corporate documents. It bears your brand name, your logo, and is often times the vehicle for vital documentation; contracts, proposals, invoices, and other correspondence need to impress both professionalism and your company's distinct personality.

To be sure your letterhead sends the right message, consider these four tips:

    Customize A letterhead is one of those documents that can look formulaic; in other words, they can look like every other letterhead. Snap out of the rut and create a letterhead that breaks boundaries. Most importantly, make it match your other print designs so everything your company sends out bears a distinct, recognizable style.

    Experiment with Layout There is no standard layout for business letterhead and you can be experimental with it. Place some text sideways instead of placing everything at the top and the bottom of your letterhead. Place graphics in your footer. There are no rules, just be sure the design well-represents your business.

    Highlight Logo and Watermark One of the ways to make your letterhead sparkle is to highlight the logo and add a watermark. Your logo brands your business and makes your document immediately recognizable. A watermark subtly takes this a step further.

    Use Color Eyes dart to color before they move to black and white. Be bold, but thoughtful, with the colors you use in your business letterhead. Use colors that relate to your brand, or consider the psychology of color to impart the perfect tone.

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