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Print Marketing Impact

Print Marketing Impact

Posted Thursday, January12, 2012

In the digital age, the influence of print marketing continues

With QR codes, Facebook Fan pages, Twitter feeds, emails, and blogs (to say nothing of Web sites), many businesses may wonder what the point of print is anymore when it comes to marketing. Consumers' take to digital media is strong and growing, but according to a December 2011 study by Nielsen, most Millennials' store choices are influenced by print media.

In fact, direct mail is the media that most impacts store choice, with a 92% of respondents affirming its influence, followed by newspapers at 91%; digital sources follow behind, including Web site visits (84%) and retailer emails (78%).

The results of the study are somewhat contrary to conventional wisdom, which would have us believe that the proliferation of digital media is concurrent to a rise in digital marketing impact. And while the study shows that digital media is indeed a critical pull in marketing reach, marketing spend should still allocate for print media, especially circulars but also within newspapers, flyer printing, postcard printing, and other direct mail pieces.

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