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Personalized Presentation Folders - 5 Tips To Stand Out

Posted Monday, May16, 2011

Personalized Presentation FoldersPresentation folders are the perfect solution to collecting, organizing and presenting printed marketing and advertising assets to your audience. Beyond their functionality, a well designed presentation folder can make a great first impression, and even spark your audiences interest to explore the materials it holds. Combining functionality with a design that sparks the attention of your audience can often make the folder just as (if not more) important that what you put inside it.

 Due to their functionality and ability to wow, presentation folders have become a standard asset in most company’s marketing strategies. Odds are, if you are using a presentation folder so is your competition. Not only are they using a presentation folder, but it probably looks very similar to yours and even contains similar materials inside.

Understanding this makes it imperative that you re-think your current design. If it is time to implement some new and creative ideas which will make your presentation folder stand out amongst your competitors; below are five creative tips to help ensure your presentation folders are unique and will continue to wow your audience.

1. Consider making your personalized presentation folders an unusual size. To accommodate the standard 8.5×11 sheet most folders come in a 9×12 size. Going a little smaller or larger can automatically set your folder apart from the others; while keeping the ability to hold the standard 8.5×11 sheet. Resizing, drastically smaller or larger or going with a very odd size, will increase your folders uniqueness but will usually require you to recreate all the materials you will place inside the folder.

2. Create a unique look for your folder by using a custom die cut. Rather than having a straight edges consider round corners or even a cutting the folder into a unique shape or design. Depending on the complexity of the design you want cut, this can be a very affordable option and one which will definitely make your presentation folder unique.

3. Provide your audience with a design which contains more than your logo and slogan. Sell your company, what you do and what you provide, give customer testimonials, or provide contact information directly on the folder. Begin selling your company before the audience has a chance to open up the folder to read the inside materials.

4. Consider taking the materials you place inside every folder and turning them into a booklet then stitch into the folder. This frees up space and allows you to place more materials in the pockets without them getting over-stuffed. It also ensures that your vital information stays with the folder and isn’t misplaced or lost.

5. Go for simplicity! If your competition’s folders scream with loud and vibrant colors on super shiny gloss stock, consider going with a uncoated stock and ditching full color printing for a elegant emboss or foil stamp or even a simple 1 or 2 color print. Simplicity might sound strange, after all the four other tips above are anything but simplistic, but sometimes simplicity is the best way.