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Personalized Greeting Cards - 3 Things To Consider

Posted Friday, May27, 2011

Below are three unique ways to use greeting cards and deliver Personalized Greeting Cardsstrong personalized message.

1. Consider creating and sending personalized greeting cards as a type of invite for different events or promotions throughout the year. Give them some extra personalization by writing a brief note in and signing each card. If you customer list is too large to reasonably write a personal note and sign each card, consider using variable data to assist you. With variable data you can setup several different messages, and (in your own handwriting) print those different message to each of your customers.

2. Use greeting cards to sell your company by not selling anything. Create some interesting and highly artistic greeting cards that people will want to hang onto and show others; who knows, they may even keep them and frame them. Use the cards to help convert prospects or your top clients.

3. Make your greeting cards action oriented items. Increase your website traffic by offering a discount code within the greeting card and encourage people to visit your site and redeem the code. Rather than scoring the greeting card, use a perforation and put a stamp on one of the panels and encourage the person you sent the card to, to send it to someone they know.