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Online Flyer Printing - 5 Tips To Consider

Posted Thursday, May12, 2011

Promotional and educational flyers have have become one of the most successful and preferred methods of marketing in today's world. This is not by coinsidence, however, small and big companies alike are opting for this marketing tool due to the low cost and its effectiveness. Eduacational, promotional, and club flyers can also be used for "bulk" promotion as well, and is the preferred choice of many. When creating or designing your flyer, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Full Color Printing - You want your flyer to attract PrintsPal Design Flow Chart attention. Printing in full color will ensure the reader / customer notices the flyer and will draw them to it.
  • Name / Logo - One goal that should never be ignored is establishing your brand in front of the masses. Make sure your logo and/or the name of your Company is in a prominent place where the reader is sure to see it. A catchy tagline or slogan may help the reader remember your flyer.
  • Use Of Pictures - As the old adage goes... "a picture is worth a thousand words." This holds true in the design of your flyer as well. More then 50% of the people that view your flyer will more then likely be "visual" people. This means that they will go directly to the pictures without even looking at the text first. Be very choosy about the pictures you use, so the reader will become engaged and continue to read.
  • Optimum Content - Many people make the mistake of cramming too much information on a flyer. This will do nothing but unengage the reader, and your flyer will end up at the local trash dump. Sometimes, less is more! You've got one shot to capture the customer's attention, choose wisely.
  • High Quality Printing - All of your hard work can go to waste if your flyer is printed on poor quality paper and from an ordinary print shop.

These tips will help keep you on track in designing a successful flyer campaign. Selecting an online flyer printing company is a sure way to save time, money, and headaches! Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. PrintsPal will also be offering design services should you need help with logos, design work, corporate branding, or content creation.