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Networking With Holiday Greeting Cards

Posted Sunday, November20, 2011

If you want to stand out like a shinning star this Holiday Greeting Cards season, you may want to consider sending a holiday greeting card.
Please keep in mind that it's not a "Christmas Card," or a  "Hanukkah Card"... it's a holiday card. Some of your customers, colleagues, co-workers, friends, prospects, and aquiantances may not share same view of what the holiday season means to them, and it's important to respect this. Having said that, there's one ultimate goal for your holiday card: To differentiate yourself from the crowds or competition and be memorable.
One thing that happens when you send a holiday greeting card is that the dynamic of the relationship typically shifts. The reciepiant remembers your graciousness and realizes that you are cultivating a relationship, and not just a business deal or selling them another product or service to them. Companies and people alike respond extremely well when you connect to them on the personal level.
If you're eager to send holiday greeting cards to build connections, and develop relationships, remember these 4 pointers:
  • Write It - Hand write a short message inside the cards and the address on the envelope. Don't use labels and don't get your signature pre-printed on the card. I typically recommend to include your business card, or write your email address a the bottom or back of the card so people that want to reach out to you can.
  • Say It - Make your message simple and gracious. For example: "I wish you and your family the best holiday ever." or "Looking forward to seeing you over the holidays and next year."
  • Skip It - Don't turn the card into a "bait and switch." It's important not to try and sell or promote anything. If anything, this will unengage the customer. Don't do it!
  • Mail It - These are real paper cards that will arrive and suprise your co-workers, colleagues, and other people within your professional network. You never know, it could even provoke an invitation to a holiday party or get-together... yet another opportunity to network, and build other relationships.

Even if you procrastinate, still send the cards - even if they mark New Year's. People will positively remember these cards. It's rare these days that people go out of their way and take the time to send cards with a personal touch.