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Letterhead Design 3 Steps to Follow

Letterhead Design 3 Steps to Follow

Posted Friday, October18, 2013

The goal of a letterhead is to identify your company whenever you send out company correspondence. An effective letterhead design should encapsulate your company's personality or capture the essence of your company's purpose. Amateur letterhead designers often go overboard in an attempt to be flashy, but often the most simple of designs are more effective. There are a few strategies and tips you can use to design a letterhead that will fit your company's personal profile and help you stand out.

Keep It Simple – Keeping it simple is one of the most important steps in creating a letterhead design that effectively serves your company's needs. Beginning designers often throw in everything but the kitchen sink when they create a logo. Most desktop publishing software these days include an array of special effects. They can be used sparingly to enhance a design, but overuse tends to weaken the letterhead design itself. The effects should not overshadow the message of the design.

Design a Readable Letterhead – The letterhead design will typically showcase the name of your company; therefore, your font choice is important. The font style, size and color are important to consider when you design your letterhead. Resist the temptation to use fancy fonts. If the font is difficult to read, it won't matter how good a fancy font looks. You want the information to stand out in your letterhead, not the design. If you include a company address, as you probably will, consider using a different font than the font you use for your company name. Experiment with various fonts to see how they work together. Make the address smaller than your company name. The company name should hit your intended audience first, then the necessary contact information.

 Graphics and Color –  If you want an image or a graphic message in your letterhead, incorporate it into the design of the logo itself as opposed to placing an image randomly. A graphic that relates to your company and integrates well into the letterhead design is a more effective way to present. Colors are important as well. Keep them to a minimum. The more color a letterhead displays, the more attention they will command, which takes the focus off the design of the letterhead and the information it is supposed to convey. A letterhead should follow many of the same principles as good business card design. It is a business tool and should be treated as such.

Here are 3 types of Letterheads we offer:

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All of these Letterhead options can be found in varios sizes. You can order these latterheads in small quantities and in mass quantities. Our production time on letterhead sets is aproximately two to four days, so you get your product quickly. We have a team of desigers that can assist you in creating that perfect design. You may also want to visit our Pinterst Inspiration Board for great ideas and our Facebook and Twitter Campaign for the lastest news in printing and promo codes.