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Green Printing

Green Printing

Posted Wednesday, April25, 2012

Go Green.

It's a movement people take on personally, one that permeates the landscape of nearly every industry, and one that we take seriously. We understand how green printing can improve what we can offer to you and the environment.

How does our green printing work?

    Green Printing Practice #1 – Soy Oil-based Inks

    We were one of the first printers in the country to use this revolutionary ink instead of traditional petroleum-based inks. Soy oil-based inks are safe to use. Even the production of soy oil-based inks requires less energy and therefore puts less of strain on the environment. Plus, its clear composition yields more vibrant colors than darker petroleum-based inks. Soy oil ink even benefits the recycling process because it's easier to remove from paper.

    Green Printing Practice #2 – VOC-reduction

    VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, damage the atmosphere and surrounding environments. To reduce our risk of harming the environment, we use unique aqueous and UV coatings which contain little to no VOCs. We also use impregnated washing systems and fountain solutions, both of which use trace to zero amounts of VOCs. Additionally, we recycle all solutions and safely remove hazardous waste from our facilities to protect surrounding natural environment. Our production facilities are also alcohol-free environments, using only alcohol substitutes.

    Green Printing Practice #3 – Responsible Paper Usage

    Paper is our main focus. By being mindful of what paper we use, and don't use, we know we can make a tremendous impact. To that end, we only use paper produced specifically for paper-making and not from illegally deforested trees. We also use recycled paper products and are expanding the use of these products every day.

Green printing is our passion. With these little changes in how we produce quality products for you, we can greatly benefit our environment. Supporting PrintsPal in our efforts will help everyone enjoy a greener planet. For inspiration for your next printing, visit us on Pinterest, and join us on Facebook and Twitter for new products, deals, and company announcements.