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Full-color Printing

Full-color Printing

Posted Friday, March02, 2012

Sometimes a palette of black and white is the most elegant way to convey your message, and then there are other times when going full-force in full-blown, full-color is how you can make the biggest impact.

Full-color printing takes a design and ramps it up with saturated vibrancy. Make your business cards pop, your postcards shine, your brochures alluring, and your banners eye-catching, all thanks to our full-color printing process.

What exactly are the benefits to full-color printing?

    Strengthen your brand recognition by incorporating your company colors throughout your business cards, postcards, flyers, brochures, banners, letterhead, and any other print pieces.

    Fast-food chains learned long ago that red and yellow stimulate appetite, which is why you can see those colors across the landscape of America's restaurants. Take advantage of color psychology by playing up the emotional responses elicited by certain hues. Learn about how colors impact mood in our earlier blog post, Full-color Off-set Printing.

    People will take very little time to view, read, and store a marketing message. To ensure your message gets across loud and clear, highlight key features of your design with pops of color. Imagine a banner designed with three shades of blue, a color that is evocative of calm and serenity; as tranquil as that banner may be to see, it will not be as effective as conveying a message quickly to its audience. Now imagine a banner with a white background and three blocks of bright pink bearing text in deep blue. At-a-glance, viewers will be more likely to see, receive, and store the message.

    Full-color printing provides the ideal backdrop for other dramatic printing processes, such as UV coating, spot UV printing, matte finishes, foil printing, and more.

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