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Inline Foil Business Cards v Foil Stamped Business Cards

Inline Foil Business Cards v Foil Stamped Business Cards

Posted Friday, January06, 2012

For all their simplicity in function, business cards have a difficult job to do. Not only must they succinctly impart any and all information to their recipients in a clear, straight-forward fashion, but they need to be unique, memorable, and able to stand out from all the other business cards in a stack.

This is where custom finishes can save the day, and foil business cards are no exception. The two processes used with foil business cards create very different results, so you want to be sure you're choosing the finish best for you.

Metal business cards are the latest new take on the traditional business card, but production of these cards can be costly. Achieving the same metal-finish for much less is possible with foil business cards.

With a foil stamping process, you may produce a metallic finish, but with many restrictions, especially in regards to color options and application. Foil business cards created with the inline foil process, however, allows you to foil half-tones, gradients, and highlights. Plus, you may utilize the entire range of CMYK colors, even within the same design. Apply this finish to your logo, background, or other key features of your card for a truly striking finish.