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Custom Postcards - Effective and Affordable!

Custom Postcards - Effective and Affordable!

Posted Friday, April26, 2013

I love postcards. In about two seconds I know what they’re offering and if I’m interested. And in today’s social marketing climate you can use postcards in many different ways. Let’s look at two:

  • Generate Website & Blog Traffic
  • Advertise events & special promotions

Using postcards to bring people to your website or to advertise events or special promotions is a cost effective way to bring these sites or specials to your customers’ attention.  For those of you who use google click advertising you know how quickly the cost can rise. Postcards, on the other hand, are much less expensive and easy to distribute – by handing out or by mailing.

Whether you’re looking to bring in blog traffic or let people know about your Winter special, be creative in how you distribute your postcards. Ideas:

  • With invoices
  • With packing slips
  • When customers come in
  • With birthday cards
  • With sales
  • At conferences and meetings

A Note about Mailing

If you’re going to mail postcards make sure you have a well-targeted mailing list. We’ll talk more about how to do this in another article. If you want help with your mailing list, there are lots of companies that do just that. Full disclosure – has mailing services that does the mailing for you which can save you time and we run it through a system that helps to eliminate dead addresses saves you money.     

How do you distribute your postcards?

Send us your ideas on innovative ways you’ve distributed your postcards! We’ll keep a running list and post it as a reference for everyone.