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Custom Notepad Printing - Things To Remember

Posted Tuesday, May17, 2011

Customized Notepad Printing 

Notepads can be a great gift to give writers or journalists. They will always needsomething to write on so that they can immediately jot down their ideas and stories. An improvement however, for writer notepads are personalized or custom notepads. It can be something very precious and personal that can still help them with their profession. The custom notepad printing tips outlined below will ensure they get the very most out of the notepad for years to come!

- Size matters -

It’s important to strike a balance between mobility and capacity when you’re looking at custom notepad printing. As a general rule of thumb a good size would be 4.25” x 5.5”. Sizing the custom notepad properly is crucial as to how useful they will be to the writer. Sizing the notepad too large can decrease the mobility of the pad itself. Sizing the notepad too small can make it impracticable, as there is not adequate room to write down different ideas, stories, etc.…

- Get Personal –

For an even more personal or customized impact of your notepads, always put a design element that would be appeal to the receivers of the notepads. A nice watermark with the writer’s favorite image would be a nice addition. Also, quotes from famous writers may be something to try to incorporate as well. Lastly, the authors printed name and signature should also be a good idea for a design… giving the notepad an aura of authority, much like doctors prescription pads do.

The sky is the limit when it comes to customizing any piece of printed material, but following the steps outlined above is a sure way to create customized notepads that are both appealing and useful for the writers in your life.