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Corporate Presentation Folders - Extremely Beneficial

Posted Thursday, May26, 2011


Members of the press are often presented with something known as a press kit when they visit a company, organization or special location. These kits can contain everything from newspaper clippings to media materials like DVDs that explain the mission, history or details of the group. Clearly these must appear in a tidy and attractive fashion, but oddly enough many companies and organizations don’t invest in the appropriate materials that can make a great press kit.

This actually applies to many areas in addition to press kits, including prospectuses, proposals, promotional materials and even formal reports. All of these items can greatly benefit from something called a pocket folder or presentation folder. These are commercially printed folders in the standard 9″ by 12″ size, but they usually are custom-designed and made from heavy stock. The folders are also printed in full-color with a glossy finish that gives them a truly professional look and feel. Many are crafted with die cutting to allow for business cards or other materials to be securely inserted into the glued pockets of the folder.

Just imagine the different impressions made by the non-profit group who hands a few members of the press stacks of stapled materials versus the same organization presenting visitors with a corporate presentation folder full of tidy documents. Clearly the difference would be striking.

One of the best things about presentation folders is that they can be used for numerous purposes or applications, and a single large print job can meet the needs of an organization for years to come. Consider that same non-profit group; they could package their press kits in their folders, but they could also prepare materials for their monthly meetings, deliver information to members or promote a new service within the slick and professional covers of their presentation folders.