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Corporate Greeting Cards

Corporate Greeting Cards

Posted Tuesday, February28, 2012

Corporate greeting cards can do more than make a flash appearance in mid-December before hibernating for the rest of the year. Especially now that you can make customizations specific to your company, your message, and, most importantly, your recipients, corporate greeting cards are great to send all year long.

So besides the holidays, what other occasions are corporate greeting card-worthy?

    As a Thank You Send a personalized thank you card to your customers immediately or several weeks following your last interaction. Doing so not only reiterates your professional relationship, but provides a helpful reminder should they need your services in the future.

    As a Birthday Greeting Along with your contact list details, keep track of your customers' birthdays. Not only is it thoughtful and nice to send a card their way with a custom message, but you can include 'presents' of coupons, discounts, and other exclusive deals.

    As an Anniversary Card Perfect to celebrate the long-term relationships you have with your clients, personalized corporate greeting cards may be sent out on annual anniversaries. Much like birthday greetings, anniversary cards are another wonderful excuse to send coupons, discounts, and other incentives for your recipients to use your services again.

    As a Congratulations While running your company keeps you busy enough already, stay mindful of the successes achieved by your clients. After all, their successes are often times your successes, too, and what more thoughtful way is there to congratulate them than to send a personalized card?

    As a Welcome New companies launch every day, in your industry, in your community, in the same office building, and each new company is the perfect platform to network and advance your own business. Introduce yourself properly by sending a customized corporate greeting card.

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