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Corporate Branding - Design Is Key

Posted Wednesday, May11, 2011

Branding and marketing are key areas in the growth of any Company. A lot of time, energy, and money is spent on it every year! Rightly so, a corporate brand identity is the public face of the Company, and making sure it stays "untarnished" is extremely important.
Artwork and design plays a crucial role in branding. Whether it's a logo, business cards, or letterhead, a design that speaks for itself is worth every penny! Differentiating yourself and from the competition is what customers look for in every brand that makes itself to the market. People make their purchases based on what is easy to remember and sticks in their mind. A brand can be built off of a catchy tag line or corporate identity designs such as logo, or something unique within the Company website.
The one point that dirves a customer to purchase is the single element that seemed to stick with them or what the customer could easily PrintsPal Innovation identify with. Companies have started to understand this concept and almost every aspect of the corporate and brand identity measure taken is geared towards making the customer feel like "I am important" or "I can relate". Many Companies have opted for easy to remember logos, redesigning and enhancing the content on brochures and websites to grab the attention of new and old customers. For some companies, this would mean a bold step towards a change from the brand value that they set for themselves when they ventured out.
Remember these 3 things, and creating your Company brand may be easier then you think...

  1. Branding takes time and effort - It does not happen over night. There's a reason why the people who work the hardest are often times the most successful.
  2. Be innovative - Emphasize what makes you stand out from the competition, and what value your Company or brand can offer the customer.
  3. Be realistic - Create a character / brand that is both effective and possible for you to execute.