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Business Card Tips

Business Card Tips

Posted Monday, February27, 2012

Though the premise is simple (print your business cards, pass them around, build your network of contacts, and ultimately increase your business), there are many more opportunities for you to take advantage of that handy little card. We've pulled together a list of our top business card tips to make sure you make the most of what that little marketing soldier can do for you.

Business Card Tips

    Make use of blank space by writing your "unlisted" number or contact email address; that piece of information will make the card more valuable and less likely to be discarded.

    Send your business card to college and make it study a foreign language. Business happens on a global scale; make sure your card can speak to everyone by using English on one side and your targeted language on the other.

    Practice business card stealth and tuck your business cards in sneaky spots around town. Leave them as bookmarks when you return books to the library. Drop a few in the glove box of your rental car. Slip them inside the inflight magazine on your next trip. You get the picture. Cue the Mission Impossible theme song, and get sneaky.

    Make your business card the golden ticket and add a promotional offer. Your business card just gained immediate value and the potential to offer a greater ROI.

    What time works for you? Provide the space to write appointment details, including time, date, and location, as handy reminders for everyone involved.

    Here, let me give you my card. We've all uttered these words and then frantically searched our pockets and bags only to discover, darn the luck, we're fresh out of business cards. Don't let this happen to you; stockpile cards in your pockets, your cars, your desk, your shoes, behind your ear, under your hat, up your sleeve, in your child's backpack, and under your dog's collar. You never know where you'll be when an opportunity to network happens.

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