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Business Card Inspiration

Business Card Inspiration

Posted Friday, February24, 2012

Business Card Design Galleries

If someone handed you a blank sheet of paper and a pencil and told you to draw anything you like, would you jump right in to create a masterpiece, or would the panic overtake and paralyze you?

There is a pressure to perform when it comes to your business card. Its purpose is simple but its possibilities are boundless. What typeface should you use? Should you go for solid, steady black and white, or is a kaleidoscope of color more appropriate? Do you want a subtle linen texture, or perhaps a spot UV finish is better? Rounded corners, or no? Paper or plastic? How can there be so many options?

For those of you who succumb to gripping fear when having to create on cue, maybe all you need is a little business card inspiration; a series of galleries that highlight what those before you have done to get your creative gears in motion.

Still feeling a drag on your creativity? Want to forget the whole ordeal and not have to worry about it anymore? That's cool, too. We have custom print design services and templates for just an occasion.

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