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Business Advertising with Bumper Stickers

Posted Wednesday, June08, 2011

Business Advertising with Bumper Stickers


Any type of business advertising is very costly and there is so many ways to advertise. The question then becomes which tools do we start using? The real answer is its trial and error and finding out how your business best reacts to certain marketing!

Stickers are a wonderful tool in your basket to use and add within your advertising. First stickers are very cheap and can reach thousands of an audience every single month. In order to do this, you must print out a bumper sticker that is “friendly to the eyes” and “flashy” to catch someone’s attention.  You may want to include a discount code on this bumper sticker in order to track the effectiveness and if people are remembering what they see.

Think about using Bumper stickers as your next addition to your marketing campaign. Order in bulk from and hand out to your customers and you may be surprised at how quickly word will spread about your business.