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Advertising with Door Hangers

Posted Tuesday, June14, 2011

Door hangers are a great way to make people aware of your business.  Whether you have a new business or just need to get some new faces through the front door, door hangers say “hey, I’m here.”  Door hangers are specially made to slip easily over the door knob, letting the people on the inside know that you are out there looking for their business. This form of advertising is even more effective then fliers or mailers simply because it is hanging right there for the potential customer to see.  Ads in mailboxes can get lost in the heaps of junk mail, but door hangers are alone and at the fingertips of the client.
In order to profit from door hangers, you will want them to catch attention.  Door hangers by themselves will gain attention because they have to be removed by the potential client, but the goal is to make the client actually read the advertisement and then purchase what you are selling.  Catchy words or phrases, coupons, and invites to ‘see for yourself’ are excellent ways to grab attention and interest.  The font size should be readable as you are walking up to the door, and direct your ad at how your company is the best at providing your particular service.  Bold colors and a company logo should always be used on the door hanger; this helps the potential customer remember your company.
The companies that will benefit most from door hangers are those who have products which deal directly with home owners or renters.  For instance, food is always a great thing to advertise this way.  Think about it, the homeowner or renter comes home from a long day at work, hungry.  They see your door hanger advertising pizza or some sort of food, complete with coupons, and the next thing you know they are calling you.  Dinner made easy.  Maybe your business is carpet cleaning. They see your door hanger and just as they are ready to discard it, they walk into the house and really take a look at their carpet and realize it could use some serious cleaning.
Door hangers are a great way to let potential customers know that your business is in their neighborhood. One of the best way's to catch attention as this is normally one of the first items an individual will see when they enter their home / office.