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Business Card Design by Industry

Posted Monday, September07, 2015

Before you come up with a business card design (or reach out to us for design assistance), first consider your industry. 

If you work in a more traditional or austere sector such as law or finance, keep your design simple. These should be no-fuss business cards with an emphasis on delivering the key contact details and maintaining your strong presence of professionalism. Professional business cards are high quality cards and more traditional fields are well suited to such classic styles as spot UV business cards and linen business cards.

If you work in a creative field such as art, graphic design or fashion, let your business cards reflect the creativity of your field. Have fun coming up with an original, fun and inspiring business card design but don't forget to use color schemes and fonts that will still make your pertinent details as easily legible as ever.

Are you working in an eco-conscious field? If so, it is very important to consider ordering only envrionmentally-friendly business cards. At, we have what you need with our eco-friendly inks and printing processes.