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The Dangers of Bad Business Cards

Posted Thursday, February06, 2014

Bad business cards can be detrimental to business. Having high quality, professional business cards printed can help you convey the right impression and make your professional goals much more feasible to be reached when it comes to networking.

  1. Poor quality paper means the cards will not hold up the test of time and that receivers of your business card will be more likely to throw them away.
  2. Illegible fonts defeat the purpose of business cards as your contact information is vital.
  3. Poorly made business cards give the impression that you and/or your company have little regard for professionalism and good results.

Maybe you have great business cards but your contact information has changed. It's important to have new cards printed because writing over old information with a pen will have taken your business cards down several notches when it comes to professionalism.

If you need assistance with designing or selecting business cards, we can assist you here at so just let us know. Have a great week!