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How to Simplify the Office Supply Order Process

Posted Wednesday, August12, 2015

What method of organization do you use to order your office supplies and marketing materials? Use these tips to make the experience efficient, organized and simple.

  1. Join forces with your receptionist. Your receptionist is aware of when so many different types of products need to be reordered such as company letterheads and brochures. Ask him or her to keep track of what is running low to get orders in on time.
  2. Make it the responsibility of every employee with a business card to put in a request for replenishment card orders once they've gotten down to their last 200 cards or so.
  3. Order office supplies in bulk and online in order to do away with the expense and time necessary for trips to the office supply store. You can find everything from pens to paper towels often at the same website online.
  4. Order your print products, marketing materials and other custom print products from to save money and time and to expect quality results. Remember that higher volume orders often equate to even greater savings!