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Branding with Business Cards

Posted Friday, April10, 2015

You may be wondering why it's still important to order physical business cards. Times have definitely changed and it is true that there are other ways we may provide one another with relevant contact information including using any number of the devices we use each day as well as various methods of sending contact information including social media, email and SMS.

The truth is physical business cards are still an important aspect of doing business. Although we may electronically send over our details, there is something to be said about the attention and care to detail of receiving a physical card. It is also a business taboo in most instances to not have business cards to give to other business professionals.

Finally, business cards play a special role today as aspects of your personal and professional branding. Let your business card design reflect who you are as a person and/or as a firm whether you order silk business cards, matte business cards or plastic business cards!