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Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Posted Thursday, November05, 2015

Early November is a great time to get started with those holiday shopping lists. Do you play Secret Santa every year on the job? Here are a few gift ideas that are appropriate to gift to co-workers with regards to budget and taste. Don't forget to include a thoughtful greeting card... better yet, distribute greeting cards to the entire office!

Custom Stationary

While it's a great idea to have cohesively designed letterheads, business cards and other print products throughout your company, why not gift custom stationary to a co-worker to be used for other occasions? They may be used in the workplace for appropriate occasions such as personal use, personal projects, notes and more or even at the home office. 


A box or gift basket of gourmet chocolates, macaroons, cookies and/or other amazing sweets is a wonderful gift for that co-worker with a sweet tooth. Just be sure you are 100% sure that the person loves sweets, is not dieting, consumes sugar, etc.

Day Planner

We all lead such busy lives and while we have many ways to organize ourselves online, there's really nothing like a well-designed, attractive day planner to carry around with us to take care of all the detils in out personal and professional lives.

A Great Book/E-Book 

Books are always great holiday gifts. Be sure to find out if the person prefers physical books or e-books.