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New Year, New Image

Posted Tuesday, November19, 2013

2014 is coming fast. Are you happy with your company's imagery and branding?

Transitioning into a new year is a great time to redesign your company's image with updated branding and new marketing materials to match.

  • Is your firm's logo and choice of colors modern?
  • Are your branding images in line with what your company is trying to say?
  • Does the quality of your marketing materials match the quality of your products and/or services?

When initiating a branding refresh, remember to update all marketing materials so as not to confuse customers. This means remembering company stationery, letterheads, business cards, brochures, website design, et al.

What paper styles have you used in the past? Have you thought of switching your business cards to foil business cards or silk business cards?

Choose branding that appeals to your customer base and use quality printing and attention to detail to show your commitment to only the best results.