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How to Stay Organized

Posted Wednesday, December16, 2015

When clutter or disarray starts to take over, a hazardous situation is created on the job. It soon puts you at risk to misplace important documents, it puts you in a position to lose time, it looks unprofessional and it can even be so distracting that it starts to affect your focus and efficiency. Here are a few tips for staying organized!

  1. End each work day with a quick organizing and cleaning once-through. You'll thank yourself when you arrive to a neat and tidy office in the morning.
  2. Save paper. Only print documents that require hard copies and print on both sides of the paper whenever possible.
  3. Order a business card holder to keep your business cards in good condition as well as to stay organized.
  4. Order any folders or files you may need to keep things in order.
  5. Have a small tray on your desk to toss in small items that can start to create chaos such as push pins, paper clips and other random items.