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How to Design a Fantastic Brochure

Posted Friday, May01, 2015

Use these tips to produce the best brochures possible.

  1. Ensure the front page has an eye-catching, alluring and engaging design. It also needs an effective title or introduction which shares what readers can expect to find inside. This often determines whether or not prospects will even pick up or decide to open your brochures so give this a great focus.
  2. Be sure all photos are well-sized and well-aligned. The same goes for text. Use spell-check and proofread a few times before sending your artwork for print. Misspellings and grammar errors can make your business look unprofessional.
  3. Use high quality paper and ink. If you use's printing services, you can be sure that which ever selections you choose will be top quality.
  4. Inform readers but don't overwhelm with too much information or too many photos.
  5. Include all of your most relevant contact information.