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5 Tips for Successful Custom Booklet Printing -

Posted Wednesday, May25, 2011

Any person  or company interested in custom booklet printingCustom Booklet Printingneeds to pay special attention specific factors when choosing design. The better the design and the more professional the printing, the more the booklet would be received by potential customers.

1. Materials

  • For any booklet design to be successful, the customer needs to get all materials together. This means having the content written and broken down into headings, subheadings, and bullet points. With the content written, when the booklet is ready to go to the printer, it would be much easier to finish the design process.

2. Templates

  • The business needing a booklet designed and printed should look at a variety of templates online to get ideas. Often, people will be interested in a booklet but have no idea of what it should ultimately look like so this option can certainly make the outcome more successful.

3. Design Options

  • When looking at the different online templates, business owners should also focus on booklet templates that have been made for similar businesses. In other words, if the booklet would be designed for a daycare, then booklets made for daycare should be reviewed or if for a restaurant, booklet designs should be considered that were made for other restaurants.
  • Some companies might not have the time or ability to invest into designing a booklet. For companies who aren’t setup to handle a booklet design project, outsourcing the design to a design firm or a freelance artist is a viable option. Another option is to check with who you select to print the booklets. Many professional printing companies, like, have an in-house design department and offer a wide variety of design services at competitive prices.

4. Review

  • Once the content, logo, and design has been created in draft mode, it needs to be carefully reviewed. As a part of this process, the content would need to be carefully checked for any spelling and grammar errors, but also possible ways to enhance or simplify the design to make it more appealing and effective.
5. Printing
  • The level of success a booklet will yield will depend largely on the professionalism of the printer. For this reason, it is imperative a professional printing company such as get involved so recommendations could be made and assistance provided regarding choice of color, layout, font, etc.