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5 Principals To Use When Designing Door Hangers

5 Principals To Use When Designing Door Hangers

Posted Thursday, July14, 2011

Door Hangers can be very effective when attracting new customers. Some companies receive door hangers on a daily basis so follow some tips below…

1. Keep the message simple. There are only a few seconds of mindshare. So limit the amount of words to 10, and use imagery to convey your message.

2. Easy Design. Use bright colors to attract eyeballs. However, keep hues within the same family. The number one problem of many door hanger designs are disjointed color patterns.

3. Die-cut. Stretch your creativity with custom cutting. Use shapes relating to your business.

4. Personalize. Marketing 101, keep it personal. Include an image representative of the community (i.e., high school mascot, high school colors, etc.)

5. Contact information. Make sure you include a call to action – call, order, visit or buy. The address should be clear, concise and at the bottom.