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5 "Must Have" Characteristics of a Great Online Print Company

Posted Monday, May09, 2011

Out of the hundreds of online print companies available today, how do you know a great print company from one that's not so great? Just because they have a name, website, and a printing press doesn't make them great! These are 5 "must have" characteristics of a great online print company... if they don't have em', move on!
1. Customer Reviews -
Any reputable online print company should have reviews and testimonials located somewhere on their site and be easily accessable. If you're still skeptical after reading some of their reviews, ask for refrences. They should be able to provide these upon request. If not, move on...
2. Expertise -
Knowledge is power! There's a lot more to a great online print company then just taking an order, printing it, and shipping it out. Professional advice should be something that is offered at any respectable print company, should you need it. For example, many times something may look wonderful on your computer screen, however, once printed it may strain the eye due to contrast, may not be legible, or what you thought should be blue actually looks purple. It's great to have someone with the knowledge and expertise available to ask questions. Every great online print company should have this resource available.
3. Offset Printing -
Many times a print company will only offer digital printing. This is perfectly fine for short runs, but quite frankly, isn't even in the same ball park as 4-color offset printing. If you're looking for the highest quality prints, with the "WOW" factor that you're looking for, make sure 4-color offset printing is available.
4. A Phone Number -
It never fails to amaze us how many print companies don't give our their phone number. Feel free to call PrintsPal toll free at 1.888.547.4748.
5. Free Proofing -
If an online print company is trying to charge you for proofs, move on! Here at PrintsPal we will provide you with a press- ready proof before payment. Peace of mind is a great thing.