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5 Benefits of UV Coating for Printing Materials

5 Benefits of UV Coating for Printing Materials

Posted Monday, July11, 2011

1)       Scratch Resistant

This product is scratch resistant and will look great. Nobody want’s to invest in great finish product that get’s scratched by the time it reaches its end user. This product will mean satisfied customers coming back for more.


2)      UV Coating is High Profit & High Value

UV Coating is more then just a pretty finish. It is also very practical and easy on your budget/wallet. This is because its no dry time allows for a fast turnaround time and decreased man power. It’s an ideal solution for last minute orders as well because of challenging deadlines. We all know today’s environment is “I need it yesterday”.


        Has a High End Look for Less Money

 Many customers expect a nice glossy look for their product now. Bother customers and their prospects demand more! Even the little guy running a businesses our of his basement expects more. UV Coated products can supply this and not take too much out of your wallet.


4)      More then just Paper

Although UV Coating looks great on paper, that is not only what your limited too. UV Coating allows you to branch out into plastics and vinyl. Combining the high value and green printing, UV coating is a sure way to help your clients outshine the competition!


5)      UV Coatings are Environmentally Friendly

Not only is UV Coating a sweet product, but its also a great product environmentally. UV Coatings can be recycled as mixed waste, UV Coatings are less flammable, Fast no Heat drying ability requires less energy, and the newer UV materials are safe for workers.