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4 Tips to Brochure Design

4 Tips to Brochure Design

Posted Monday, July18, 2011

A brochure brings tremendous value to your organization. Individuals who read each and every brochure equate the professionalism of your brochure to your business. As you can imagine this is extremely important for your image! Below are some tips to use for your business….


1) Include People in Pictures

            The majority of your pictures should be pictures of people, as this will allow your brochure to be more appealing to the reader. If at all possible make sure these products and services


2) Always Remember Your Audience

            Understand WHY you are creating this brochure and what your target audience is for before designing your brochure. Use an appropriate design to make sure each and every section is perfect for your audience.


3) Content Short And Consistent

            Limit your content to keep your audience engaged. Even if you have a lot of GREAT information try not too overwhelm your audience with too much. Do not forget to include enough room for contact information. After all this brochure is being created to get your audience to YOU!


4) Correct Paper Stock Is Key

            Using a much thicker/heavier paper stock feels much more professional to your readers. One thing to keep in mind is you need to make sure it’s not too thick, that it is being tough to fold. Apply a UV/Gloss coating to your product to make sure it stands out.