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3 Ways Insurance Agents Can Use Printing Technology

3 Ways Insurance Agents Can Use Printing Technology

Posted Wednesday, July06, 2011

Insurance agents, especially the independents, are constantly looking for new ways to reach new customers. They’re not only competing against other insurance agents, but against every other advertising and marketing message that’s out there. So how can you stand out, especially if you’re on a limited budget?

With today’s new printing technology, it’s possible for even the smallest independent agent to make a great impression. Here are a few ideas.


1. Direct Mail Postcards

Direct mail is still effective, especially as fewer companies use it. The less mail people get, the more yours will stand out. You can purchase mailing lists based on a person’s age, marital status, number of kids, and you could send an individualized postcardpostcard that lists a basic insurance plan and costs for that person.


2. UV Coated Business Cards

These are all the craze in the business world and networking circles. They’re shiny, thicker, and generally nicer than their non-glossy counterparts. And they’re really not that expensive. Your print shop can apply a UV coating during the printing process. The UV coating will make the colors pop, so use this chance to create some very colorful, vibrant cards.


3. Car signs

Thanks to today’s wide format printing technology, printers can put UV-cured inks on nearly any surface. In our own shop, we’ve printed these special inks on ceramic tiles, plywood to make signs, and even a door. So it’s easy to print a car sign on magnetic film, which you just put on your car door, and take off when you need to. We’ve seen insurance agents who had vinyl lettering on their rear windows and vinyl signs on their doors. But the vinyl lettering is usually one or two colors. But, with UV-cured inks we can print full color. Put your photo, logo, phone number, and website on the sign, and your car can be your business card as you drive around town.